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Companies with a large budget are at the top in Google or hire a recruiter. But as a developer, where do you find vacancies from nice, small businesses? The supply of IT jobs is so fragmented, that it's like finding a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, that problem has now been solved. makes the offer transparent by literally putting businesses on the map.

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Simple and accessible

Writing and posting a vacancy on is simple. For each step, we give tips and suggestions so your vacancy is informative, personal and distinctive. With simple tools, we offer companies the opportunity to present themselves and quickly post jobs.

Affordably searching for 38,000 IT professionals is focused on a specific target group in a relatively small region. This allows us to run effective marketing campaigns and provide an influx of quality candidates. This makes recruitment of IT professionals effective and affordable for any organisation.

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Safely and independently is completely independent and separate from recruiters or other organisations. For us the privacy of your candidates is top priority. For example, all profiles are protected from web scraping. In addition, uses SSL certificates, so confidential information is sent encrypted.